A snapshot of the Cookeville Photography Website Elijah Thomen is a fantastic photographer in Cookeville, TN. He moved from a .Mac hosted site to a standard hosting configuration. The site is powered by Wordpress, with a custom theme designed and built by Malechi Tech. The gallery used is the NextGEN Gallery for Wordpress and it enables the photographer to easily upload new images, create thumbnails, and add meta data for easy search engine optimization.


Plattinum Consulting Logo This is a logo that I created for Plattinum Consulting. It's owner, Joseph Platt, is a fantastic I.T. guy who lives and works in Nashville. This logo was created in Photoshop CS3. It uses the 'curves' feature to create the shiny, metalic look and feel.
View large version.


A snapshot of the Churchill Mortgage Website Churchill Mortgage is a .Net website with a combination of static and dynamic content. There are multiple forms that generate leads. This site includes dynamic 'Thank You' pages to tell visitors who their contact person is when they fill out a form.

This has been the project that I have worked on for the last 18 months. I worked with a team of people to design, build and maintain this website.


A snapshot of the Zurich Homes Website Zurich Homes is a static content site with the main feature being the Current Homes and Portolio image galleries. The galleries use the Lightbox javascript to create resizable viewing windows.

Being the first site I built "professionally", I have a soft place in my heart for Isaac Zeurcher and the fine folks at Zurich Homes.


A snapshot of the Celera Group Celera Group's mission is to provide the medical community technical expertise to stay on top of the latest HIPPA requirements and assist in converting to a digital documentation format.

This PHP site incorporates the company color scheme and a deep level of content to educate their visitors.

Troy and Kevin, the owners of Celera Group, are fantastic to work with.


A snapshot of the Mom's Prayer Journal Website Mom's Prayer Journal is a book written by Rachel Jones that uses Bible scriptures to guide moms through praying for their children. It has a simple structure but keeps the main purpose of promoting the book front and center.

This site was designed by Meghann Roberts and built by myself.


A snapshot of the cTechnology Website cTechnology Inc. is run by Paul Van Hoesen and is a social business whose goal is to see the transformation of rural communities through cooperative education and economic development initiatives around the technology economy.

This php site includes static and dynamic content and a javascript form plugged in from Emma's email services.


A snapshot of the Cirvant Website Terrence "Cirvant" French uses his poignant lyrics and unmistakeable voice to create a unique musical mix of song and spoken word. His difficult background has led him to seek freedom through a life dedicated to serving Christ. He is truly and amazing person and his ministry is worth checking out.

This site was built using Wordpress and includes an admin back end, as well as links for purchasing his cd and donating via payal.


A snapshot of the Malechi Design Website Malechi Design was the predecessor to Malechi Technology Services and focused only on Web Development. This Wordpress site uses the Twenty Ten theme. It was during the development of this site that I realized that I enjoyed working on other people's projects much more than I enjoyed working on my own. Alas, I have found the persistance to create my own custom site, which you are currently viewing.


A snapshot of the sozo33.com website. Sozo33.com is my own personal blog site. It includes many of my thoughts on life, love and God. I try to keep it updated, but honestly don't do the best job of it.

My mind doesn't do a good job of filtering my thoughts, so if you are interested in what's really going on in this brain, you can find it here.


A snapshot of the wepraynashville.org website. Another pet project that I have is to pray for Nashville every day. This blog helps me stay accountable to that goal. I've grown up in this town and I believe God has incredible plans for us if we will join together in declaring our unwavering love for Christ and our pursuit of His face.